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About Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, a southeast Indian state, is famed for its Dravidian-style Hindu temples. The state has a high literacy rate of 80.3%. Kanchipuram otherwise known as Kanchi is a city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, 72 km from Chennai - the capital of Tamil Nadu. Kanchipuram is well-connected by road and rail. Chennai International Airport is the nearest domestic and international airport to the city. Famously known as the Silk Town and Temple Town, Kanchipuram is famous both for its rich silk sarees and architecturally brilliant temples. Other popular industries in this region include, cotton production, light machinery, electrical goods manufacturing and food processing.

Campus life

Hand in Hand Academy for Social Entrepreneurships campus at Kaliyanoor is built with an aesthetic sense. The modern infrastructure facilities make classroom learning ideal. The campus is fitted with latest IT connections, has smart classrooms and is environmentally friendly.

Student Accommodation

We provide accommodation for students in our dormitory that is present at the Hand in Hand India office at Kanchipuram. These facilities are safe, segregated for men and women and have access to dining facilities.

If you are interested in availing this option, contact us for more details.

Dining Services

The campus is equipped with dining faciltiies with fresh and healthy food prepared on a daily basis. A number of other options for eating out are present in the city of Kanchipuram